The endless forest of the Arthfell has stood longer than human civilization. None may say how far it stretches. Since the dawn of recorded history, thousands have entered the Arthfell seeking wealth or adventure. Those that have returned bear tales of wonders and horrors strewn across the forests: Orcish hordes, wolf-sized hunting spiders, cannibalistic elves, lost cities and stone roadways in ruin, unnamed mountain ranges, vast chasms in the earth, and shrines to gods long dead. The most tenuous and unbelievable of rumors borne back in the throats of frightened heroes tell of gleaming and pitiless nightmares descending from the sky and seizing human prey.

The Arthfell once held the ancient empire of Thassilon – fallen these five hundred years and long-lost to the touch of humanity. Today the Arthfell is a fearsome place where only criminals and heroes dare to tread, and from where most never return. A dragon is rumored to claim the forests near Thassilon, and both orcs and the dead haunt the ruins of the long-dead capital of Thassilon.

The Black Sun Horde of orcs, cruel and light-sensitive, have claimed the tree-shadowed ruins of Thassilon for centuries. Word from the Arthfell margins whispers that recently the warbands of the Black Sun, led by Krun Thuul the Ever-Burning, have taken the lost citadel of Urgir, not far from Sandpoint.

While the Arthfell has long been a place for adventurers to seek their fortunes, officially the state of Krusk forbids its citizens to enter the Arthfell without the approval of the Crown.


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